Opening hours

Monday:              9.00-16.30
Tuesday:              9.00-16.30
Wednesday:        9.00-16.30 
Thursday:            9.00-16.30
Friday:                  9.00-16.30

Visits by appointment only

For appointments: please contact us via email or phone (call/whatsapp)

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Deviating opening hours:  

Closed on: 

  • Friday 28-6-2024 starting from 12.30
  • Monday 1-7-2024 
  • Tuesday 2-7-2024
  • 5-8-2024 till 23-8-2024


We believe it is important to make sure all of your story can be told. Therefore we take 30 minutes minimally for our consultations.

 Single consultation | 30 minutes | €85,-
 Double consultation | 60 minutes | €150,-
 Home visit from €160,-

For costs of surgeries, Pap smears or other interventions, please email us at [email protected].

We are at this moment not affiliated with any health insurance. We bill patients directly, at the end of the consultation or beforehand when having a video-consultation. Depending on the type of private-insurance you have, it is possible to ask for reimbursement/reembolso. We advise to check this with your insurance beforehand.